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Start by marking “Notes on the Third Reich” as Want to Read: Julius Evola, also known as Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola, was an Italian philosopher, esotericist, occultist, author, artist, poet, political activist, soldier. Evola was admired by the Italian Fascist leader Benito.
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Throughout these chapters, Shirer lavishes huge amounts of attention on the high-stakes international diplomacy and foreign relations work that went on before and after Germany's invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. To get a sense of the scheming, manipulating, hedging, debating, waffling, double-timing, delaying, and posturing that Shirer describes, imagine Germany's foreign relations between and as a drawn-out, high-stakes poker scene in Casino Royale. Book Four chronicles the first two-and-a-half years of the Second World War, beginning with the Nazi occupation of Poland, and continuing until the German Army's staggering losses at Stalingrad, Russia and El Alamein, Egypt in the winter of — Step by step, Shirer traces the early victories that the Nazis won in Europe—including the rapid seizures of Poland, France, Denmark, and Norway—as well as their thwarted hopes in the long months of naval and air battles against Britain.

By the end of Book Four, Shirer has brought us up to the final "turning point" of the war. From that point on, he argues, the Nazis had nowhere to go but down. That's because it's the one in which Shirer takes his first hard look at the barbarities the Reich imposed on it conquered countries and the atrocities that we now refer to as the Holocaust. After recording the murder and destruction of Jewish life in Europe—from restrictions to ghettoes to the horrors of the extermination camps—Shirer uses the second half of Book Five to explain how the Reich began to crumble.

After describing the Allied invasion of Italy, he shifts back and forth between accounts of the anti-Nazi resistance movement within Germany and the ongoing Allied and Soviet invasions of Europe. He wraps things up with Nazi Germany on the brink of total ruin. He describes the swift and steady victories of the Allies in the West and the Soviets in the East, until finally the enemies of Nazi Germany meet in the middle, forcing Adolf Hitler to meet his end and his Maker.

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Historical Notes Jottings from the Third Reich

I London, , p. See also Heike B. Stachura, ed. Grundlegung und Entwicklung seiner inneren Verfassung , second edition, , pp. Crowds were smaller : Domarus, ed. His political and personal worries are tightly interwoven in his diary entries from this period. Teil I, Aufzeichnungen , January 30, , pp. I, Munich, , pp. Writing almost as a prosecutor in a criminal case, Hett argues that the Nazis were, in fact, the arsonists. II, diary entries of March 10 and 17, , pp. See also J.

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I Frankfurt a. See Beatrice and Helmut Heiber, eds.

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II, pp. I, diary entries of November 2 and November 11, pp. It maintained a network of cells that submitted monthly reports on life in the Third Reich from to The reports from all around Germany blended insightful, hardheaded realism with a generous admixture of wishful thinking. It was not safe in the capital today : Ibid. Domarus, ed. Juli , translated in Rabinbach and Gilman, eds. Hindenburg was no doubt enormously relieved to see the SA throttled, but the laudatory text of the telegram, some believe, was composed by an aide. Prelude to War. The History Place.

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Notes on the Third Reich

Joachim C. A Bormann aide unobtrusively took notes, which were then typed out, and read by Bormann to eliminate any possible faux pas or embarrassing comments. Aryan, Germanic, and Nordic peoples : See, for example, Dr. II, p.